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LOB019: Talk’n Stralian – How to Ask a Woman out on a Date.

It’s the age old question.  A guy meets a pretty lady and he wants to ask her out on a date.  This question is hard enough even in your own language.  But what if it’s not your own language.  What if instead its Australian or ‘Stalian to be more correct.  In this episode of the Lost Out Back podcast John and Kev teach you how to ask an Australian woman out on a date.

LOB018: Bikinis at Uluru

Uluru in Google EarthWhat’s the big deal, anyway? Call it Ayers Rock or Uluru, Kevin thinks the big, red rock at the centre of Australia is nothing more than a glorified tourist trap. Having just experienced the magic for himself, John sets out to change his mind.

Listen in and experience for yourself an Uluru sunrise with bikini-clad resort babes jaded smokers and yoga instructors, and ponder the improprieties of the satellite photography in Google Earth. I ask you: is this not paradise on earth?

For the low-budget tour, install Google Earth and open this placemark.

As mentioned in the show this is an image of Mulga Man, which is one of Uluru’s many weathered features.

Mulga Man

LOB017: The Listener Feedback Special

Hey folks, it’s the listener feedback special of the Lost Out Back podcast. Yes that’s right, Kev & John have run out of material so they’ve decided to read out some of your posts, in the hope that they might be funny.

The LOB boys talk of Lara the German journo’, Aleksey the Ukrainian super fan, Emily “I think Russell Crowe is God” Twatson and Ian from Switzerland who is learning English using the LOB podcast – god help you Ian.

Isn’t it cool how so many different people, from so many different places around the world are brought together to listen to this podcast. Peace.

LOB016: Tales from a Broad

The lie must end. Kevin and John have been less than honest with you over the last bit. We’ve been overseas and we haven’t made a new episode in months. Instead we have been playing a series of pre-recorded stuff to cover up our absence. Ha! And you guys didn’t even notice. Now that we are back in Aus, it’s time to reveal our tales of abroad.

LOB015: Beach, City, Town and Country

In this episode, John and Kev discuss the four stereotypical types of Australian, the cars they drive and what they all have to do with Kath and Kim. Pictured here is a Holden Commodore Kingswood (the “Town” Australian’s vehicle of choice) decked out in “Country” corrugated iron—what a clash of subcultures!

Jeff Thomson's HQ Holden station wagon
Photo by Gary A. K.

Also in this episode, Kev recounts the experience his girlfriend had when she set out to cash in on a special offer at her local gym.

LOB014: Jamie Oliver’s Pigs

G’Day, g’day. Welcome to episode 14 of your favourite podcast about Australia, brought to you by two non-Australians. In this week’s episode Kev tells John about the new additions to his family while John tells Kev why he hates Jamie Oliver. Hmm, not much to do about Australia this week. I guess we will have to work on that for our next show. Hope you like it all the same.

LOB013: Russell Crowe’s Pav

G’Day world. This is Australia calling. This week Kev and John have their biggest episode yet. Yeah, I know we keep saying that but really this one is massive. Why? Well we’ve secured our first celebrity interview with none other than Russell Crowe (the best Australian actor to ever come out of New Zealand). And if that wasn’t enough for you, we also introduce you to Australia’s national dessert the Pavlova, as well as Christmas in July and the Lyrebird, which would have to be world’s most amazing song bird. Huge isn’t it?

Music this week is brought to you by this fabo’ band from Canada called Maticulous, whose song “Australian Vacation” could have been written for LOB, it’s so apt. Their record label is Broken Wreckords Studio.

Hope you like the show and keep those posts coming.

LOB012: A Croc Of Bananas

Let it never be said that Kev and John shy away from the big issues. This episode, they confront squarely the national crisis that has shaken every Australian household to its very foundation: the Australian banana shortage. Restaurant menus are changing, school children are suffering, monkeys are starving… think of the monkeys! Before you brave the banana black market (the black banana market?), make sure you have all the facts. It’s a jungle out there.

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Also this episode, John takes a moment to share his revealing encounter with an Ozzie Osborne impersonator. I think the less said about that here, the better.

And for those who enjoyed (and survived) the last time, John again shares his practical tips for surviving an encounter with Australian wildlife. This episode, we look at the scariest Australian native of them all: the crocodile. Find out why those long pants might not be the best thing to wear on your next trip to Tropical North Queensland.

LOB011: Matilda’s Wedding

It happens to the best of us. You’re on your way to your wedding anniversary, gift in hand and then you realise. “OMG I live in a Australia so how can I be sure that I got the right gift?” In this episode of Lost Out Back, Kev and John tackle this important issue by delivering to the world the definitive Aussie Wedding Anniversary list.

Also, Waltzing Matilda is a Classic Aussie bush ballad. But its lyrics have befuddled the world. Its true meaning is hidden behind a mask that is more complex than the DaVinci code. This week Kev and John smash it open.

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LOB010: Beers of Australia

Travel from state to state in Australia, and one of the first things you’ll notice is how the local beer changes… or doesn’t change, as the case may be. This episode, John and Kev find out whether any of the local favourites of Australia’s various states actually stand out from the crowd.

Beers of AustraliaHappily, this also meant drinking a lot of beer.

Beers tested:

  • Cascade Pale Ale
  • Coopers Red
    (South Australia)
  • Foster’s Blue
    (nobody drinks this)
  • Tooheys Extra Dry
    (New South Wales)
  • Victoria Bitter
  • XXXX Gold

Listen in for the results!

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