Monthly Archive for April, 2007

LOB028: Listener Feedback Special #2

In another desperate bid for content, John and Kev dip their toes yet again into the tepid pool of your emails and comments.

In this episode, find out the answers to these burning questions:

  • Which foreign accents are considered sexy in Australia?
  • Were women allowed in the sheep shearing shed?
  • Is Uluru really the largest monolith in the world?
  • And what is Western Australia’s problem, anyway?

…and lots more!

LOB027: The Tasmanian Tiger

This photo is of a pair of Thylacines, a male and female, received from Dr. Goding in 1902.
(source: Wikipedia)

In darkest, deepest Tasmania lurks a secretive creature that may or may not be.  The Tasmanian Tiger is officially extinct.  But many unconfirmed sightings as well as shady photos suggest that it is alive and well.  Join Kevin and John as they venture into tiger land on a quest for the truth.

LOB026 Reviewed by Podcast Fanatic

In Looking In from the Outside, Podcast Fanatic questions our grasp of the game of cricket, but makes up for it by comparing us with Douglas Adams.