Monthly Archive for May, 2006

LOB007: Maps, Bread & Milk

It’s another huge episode folks, heck it’s almost as big as this big brown land we call home.
In this episode:

  • Kev get excited about Google Maps, mapping Australia
  • John tells you all you need to know to survive in the desert
  • Talk’n ‘Stralian: John teaches Kev how to buy bread and milk with an Aussie accent.

LOB006: Toast & Vegemite

Vegemite JarVegemite. The iconic Australian salty spread. Listen in as Kev tries it for the first time.

In this episode:

  • the sordid history of Vegemite
  • John sings the jingle under protest
  • the (after)taste test


Photo credit: Stuart Hamilton.


April 25th is ANZAC day in Australia, so Kev thought that he’d tell John all about this important Australian holiday.

  • Background and histroy
  • Funny observations
  • Learn to play “Two Up” (and play along!)

So listen in and “come in spinner!”