LOB007: Maps, Bread & Milk

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It’s another huge episode folks, heck it’s almost as big as this big brown land we call home.
In this episode:

  • Kev get excited about Google Maps, mapping Australia
  • John tells you all you need to know to survive in the desert
  • Talk’n ‘Stralian: John teaches Kev how to buy bread and milk with an Aussie accent.

2 Responses to “LOB007: Maps, Bread & Milk”

  • It could be really fun if it wasn’t so scary. 🙂

    We are going to migrate to Australia in couple of years and polishing our English right now. I find your “Talk’n ‘Stralian” section both fun and at the same time it scares me to death. 🙂 It needs no comments why it is fun. But it’s scary because… oh, you know… Do everyone there speak this way there? (of course, if not counting you guys) 🙂

  • You guys! Sheesh..

    You don’t say “Can I buy”, You’d say

    “G’day mate, I’ll have ….” etc…


    “G’day mate, I’ll have a loaf of tip top etc”..

    No wuckers .. (Short for “no wucking furries”).. If you really want to be an Aussie, you’d shorten it to “No wuckers”

    (By the way, Dropbears! You *MUST* do a podcast about these)

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