Monthly Archive for April, 2006

LOB004: William’s Diesel Bra

Welcome to episode four. This week John and Kevin have got even more amazing stories from Down Under.

  • Kevin goes Bra Shopping
  • John gets High on Diesel
  • Dinkum Aussie History: William Buckley

Where do they get them all from?

Duration: 30:58

LOB003: Footy & Moonlite

It’s episode three, this week with 90% fewer Australian accent attempts by Kev. My ego can only take so much bashing, people! To make up for it, we have the triumphant return of Dinkum Aussie History.

  • All about AFL/Aussie Rules/Footy
  • Dinkum Aussie History: Captain Moonlite

Duration: 29:39

Kev’s Possum Photo

As promised in LOB002, here’s the photo I took of a possum on the way home one night.

Kev's possum photo

LOB002: Possums & Noodles

It’s our second show so we’re offically no longer a one hit wonder. In this episode:

  • John talks of possums
  • Kev recounts eating bad noodles
  • Talk’n ‘Stralian: John teaches Kev to talk like they do on the ads.

Duration: 27:55

LOB001: Tickets & Vinegar

G’day — it’s our first episode!

  • Kev books a plane ticket like a drongo
  • John learns to shift a bogged van
  • Dinkum Aussie History: The Castle Hill (aka Vinegar Hill) Rebellion

Duration: 25:29