LOB002: Possums & Noodles

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It’s our second show so we’re offically no longer a one hit wonder. In this episode:

  • John talks of possums
  • Kev recounts eating bad noodles
  • Talk’n ‘Stralian: John teaches Kev to talk like they do on the ads.

Duration: 27:55

1 Response to “LOB002: Possums & Noodles”

  • Hi Kev & John,

    I found your brilliant podcast yesterday and had good fun listening to it for many hours. The Vegemite episode made me think about my first contact with this phenomenally strong paste, supposed to be a spread.
    Although I live in New Zealand, it’s an enjoyment for me to become acquainted with the different vernaculars of the Australian-bred people, the cultural differences and peculiarities. I really have to book a flight 😉
    Keep it up!


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