Monthly Archive for September, 2006

LOB017: The Listener Feedback Special

Hey folks, it’s the listener feedback special of the Lost Out Back podcast. Yes that’s right, Kev & John have run out of material so they’ve decided to read out some of your posts, in the hope that they might be funny.

The LOB boys talk of Lara the German journo’, Aleksey the Ukrainian super fan, Emily “I think Russell Crowe is God” Twatson and Ian from Switzerland who is learning English using the LOB podcast – god help you Ian.

Isn’t it cool how so many different people, from so many different places around the world are brought together to listen to this podcast. Peace.

LOB016: Tales from a Broad

The lie must end. Kevin and John have been less than honest with you over the last bit. We’ve been overseas and we haven’t made a new episode in months. Instead we have been playing a series of pre-recorded stuff to cover up our absence. Ha! And you guys didn’t even notice. Now that we are back in Aus, it’s time to reveal our tales of abroad.

Farewell Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin cradles a large croc

(source: Australia Zoo)

The Lost Out Back podcast wishes to express its sadness at the loss of aussie icon Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) in a tragic accident during the filming of a nature documentary this past Monday, September 4th, 2006.

For many people around the world, Irwin was the face of Australia, and represented many of the best qualities of the country to which we pay tribute in every episode of Lost Out Back. We’ll miss you, Steve.

Photo by Paul Sissons

LOB015: Beach, City, Town and Country

In this episode, John and Kev discuss the four stereotypical types of Australian, the cars they drive and what they all have to do with Kath and Kim. Pictured here is a Holden Commodore Kingswood (the “Town” Australian’s vehicle of choice) decked out in “Country” corrugated iron—what a clash of subcultures!

Jeff Thomson's HQ Holden station wagon
Photo by Gary A. K.

Also in this episode, Kev recounts the experience his girlfriend had when she set out to cash in on a special offer at her local gym.