LOB027: The Tasmanian Tiger

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This photo is of a pair of Thylacines, a male and female, received from Dr. Goding in 1902.
(source: Wikipedia)

In darkest, deepest Tasmania lurks a secretive creature that may or may not be.  The Tasmanian Tiger is officially extinct.  But many unconfirmed sightings as well as shady photos suggest that it is alive and well.  Join Kevin and John as they venture into tiger land on a quest for the truth.

2 Responses to “LOB027: The Tasmanian Tiger”

  • I enjoy listening your podcasts, and I am very happy to improve my knowledge of English with.

    Thank you very much they are very interesting, I would like to visit Australia, Sidney, Melbourne , Alice’s Spring, Perth and Tasmania too…one of my High School friends is married to an aussie and live now at Wagga-Wagga (I love this name it is like Wala-Wala in the US state of Washington near Seattle).

    Australian English is very interesting , nor British, nor American, but strine is not always so easy to understand(strine= strange?) it is like the “joual”the French canadian speaking for a standard french, swiss or belgian listener.

    Best regards from Pau (down under on the left on the map of France), a tiny town near the Pyrenees snowy mountains.


  • Hai, i’m from Indonesia, I enjoy your conversation, lot of terms and idioms, enrich my vocabulary, keep publishing OK, and i’ll keep listening,

    I wonder if i could see tasmanian tiger right now, i’ve searched over the internet, and it said that it had been extinct, hmmm so pityful LOL

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