LOB013: Russell Crowe’s Pav

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G’Day world. This is Australia calling. This week Kev and John have their biggest episode yet. Yeah, I know we keep saying that but really this one is massive. Why? Well we’ve secured our first celebrity interview with none other than Russell Crowe (the best Australian actor to ever come out of New Zealand). And if that wasn’t enough for you, we also introduce you to Australia’s national dessert the Pavlova, as well as Christmas in July and the Lyrebird, which would have to be world’s most amazing song bird. Huge isn’t it?

Music this week is brought to you by this fabo’ band from Canada called Maticulous, whose song “Australian Vacation” could have been written for LOB, it’s so apt. Their record label is Broken Wreckords Studio.

Hope you like the show and keep those posts coming.

9 Responses to “LOB013: Russell Crowe’s Pav”

  • Oh my fingers: “… the stress IS ON the first syllable …” (sorry)

  • Hey dudes, I just wanted to write and say that your shows kicks huge fat butt. The biggest fattest arse you’ve ever seen, well, that is how much butt you kick.
    Keep the shows coming, listen to my show if you get a chance… actually, forget it.. dont lsten to my show, it’s crap.

    Anyway, Emily and Aleksey need to start living a more fulfilling life, stop criticising good ol’ Aussie podcasters (even though one guy is a Canuck and one is a Leprachaun).
    The Russel Crowe skit was my favourite.. because Russel Crowe is a dick. I don’t think I like him….. wait.. nope.. I don’t.

    Oh well… gotta go… (what sort of last name is TWATSON?)

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    Just thought we’d better let you know that you have been mentioned in the latest edition of our PDF magazine. Issue 7

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  • Fan-bloody-tastic

    That’s what i reckon

    I’m hoping to move to Australia in a few years, and it’s good to great to have such superb tutelage on my side!

    Just wanted to say the show is great, and keep up the talking s’tralian bit- Kev’s attempts makes me laugh in public


  • Yes – talkin stralian is fantastic. Do it again!

  • Yes, more “Talkin’ Strine” please. Although Kev does need some practice. His Aussie accent attempts are truly awful, yet oddly entertaining.

  • Oh dear. Looks like moah Tawkin’ Strine for me.

  • Hey Mates, stopp talking in the commentary-function. Give us a new episode. We´re dying to hear ya!
    Greetz from Germany, Lara

  • Aw, I think it’s really neat to see Kev and John’s reactions to comments. At least it shows they actually read them. 🙂

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