LOB012: A Croc Of Bananas

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Let it never be said that Kev and John shy away from the big issues. This episode, they confront squarely the national crisis that has shaken every Australian household to its very foundation: the Australian banana shortage. Restaurant menus are changing, school children are suffering, monkeys are starving… think of the monkeys! Before you brave the banana black market (the black banana market?), make sure you have all the facts. It’s a jungle out there.

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Also this episode, John takes a moment to share his revealing encounter with an Ozzie Osborne impersonator. I think the less said about that here, the better.

And for those who enjoyed (and survived) the last time, John again shares his practical tips for surviving an encounter with Australian wildlife. This episode, we look at the scariest Australian native of them all: the crocodile. Find out why those long pants might not be the best thing to wear on your next trip to Tropical North Queensland.

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  • Oh my, I’ve just finished listening to your latest episode and … admittedly, you guys are great. Your show is certainly on the list of those most wonderful things I’ve ever faced in my life. “The Crocodile Situation” made me nearly fall off my chair under the table. Great stuff… I’m building a solid archive of your shows for the future generations of Alekseys and Kates as an example of the healthy humor and intelligence. I’m totally sincere with you right now. 😉

    Keep up this exciting work and Thanks!

    — Aleksey

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