LOB011: Matilda’s Wedding

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It happens to the best of us. You’re on your way to your wedding anniversary, gift in hand and then you realise. “OMG I live in a Australia so how can I be sure that I got the right gift?” In this episode of Lost Out Back, Kev and John tackle this important issue by delivering to the world the definitive Aussie Wedding Anniversary list.

Also, Waltzing Matilda is a Classic Aussie bush ballad. But its lyrics have befuddled the world. Its true meaning is hidden behind a mask that is more complex than the DaVinci code. This week Kev and John smash it open.

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2 Responses to “LOB011: Matilda’s Wedding”

  • G’Day from a West Aussie listener. Love your take on Australia, its people and culture even though I’m born and bred here. It’s good to hear how people from other countries view us. Who knows, I might even learn something about Australia as well.

    Your interpretation of Waltzing Matilda had me in stitches (the other pruners on the vineyard I’m working on kept giving me funny looks!). I even started trying to come up with some of my own interpretations of other Aussie songs/ballards (none of which are as funny as yours though).

    Thanks for a great podcast. Hope ya keep em coming.

  • Hello!
    I just found your podcast today and I am happy to say it has been my favorite on anything having to do with Australia so far! My fiance and I are looking to migrate to the Melbourne area sometime soon and one of the things most interesting us is Australian culture seeing as we are soon to be living in it! I have recommended your podcast to many friends who are also looking into migrating, all have found your show highly enjoyable (and relaxed us to the risk of culture shock). However my fiance and I are wondering if there would be any possibility of sharing some of your experiences in migrating to Australia, seeing as alot of us are facing it soon enough. Thanks again for a great podcast, I look forward to the next!

    Josh and Theresa Rinker
    Lake Elsinore, California

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