LOB014: Jamie Oliver’s Pigs

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G’Day, g’day. Welcome to episode 14 of your favourite podcast about Australia, brought to you by two non-Australians. In this week’s episode Kev tells John about the new additions to his family while John tells Kev why he hates Jamie Oliver. Hmm, not much to do about Australia this week. I guess we will have to work on that for our next show. Hope you like it all the same.

2 Responses to “LOB014: Jamie Oliver’s Pigs”

  • John: You think *you* hate Jamie Oliver for being a year older than you but having accomplished so much? How do you think I feel? He’s 5 years *younger* than me! Anyway, don’t feel too badly… at least you have a global audience with your podcast. That’s more than a lot of people can say. By the way, is there a way with the podcast distribution system you use to find out just where your listeners are?

  • Hey John and Kevin!!!

    First of all, I’d like to mention that I’m not Australian neither British nor American. So therefore English isn’t my mother tongue. Don’t want to say that there aren’t any other nations speaking English. But anyway I’m Swiss, and just want to make up for all the spelling and grammatical mistakes that are due to follow 😉
    So both of you can be proud that among all the crap spread over the net, your show has reached the ears of a miniature audience (me;-) in a little neutral country in the middle of Europe but still not part of Europe.
    So what to say!!! I’m 23 and an attentive listener of your show. This is out of two reasons: first it helps me to keep up with my English and 2ndly because 3 years ago I was privileged to go to Australia. I really had a great time down there and you two just remind me a bit of what it is like being down there. On top of all your show is recorded in Melbourne and this was just the best city I went to in Australia. I guess this is for the fact that it’s not too big…so a Swiss-guy doesn’t get lost that easy. I was so thrilled by Melbourne because of all the variety and the numbers of cultural happenings (exmpl. Square Beats or Sounds on the Fed.Square).
    I can’t wait to come to Melbourne again, but for the moment I’m fully occupied with my studies Hospitality & Catering, here I’d like to mention the latest show were you talk about the holly Jamie….I just feel the same way : A mixture of admiration, jealousy and some sort of deep disgust.
    Any way….Thanx for entertaining me on my way to school keep up to good work 🙂
    Greets from the land of cows, chocolate, expensive Watches and Mafia Bank accounts!!!


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