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LOB009: Soccer, The Ukrainian & Rum

It’s a big week folks. Australia is in the World Cup and we have a fan in the Ukraine. In this week’s huge episode Kev and John talk about:

  • The Socceroos making it into the World Cup 2006.
  • The massive impact LOB has had in the Ukraine. (Go Ruslana.)
  • The return of Dinkum Aussie History: The Rum Rebellion

‘Told you it was huge.

LOB008: Bart vs Australia Commentary

Bart vs Australia episode highlightsIn this special episode, John and Kev sit down to watch Bart vs Australia (The Simpsons season 6, episode 16) and discuss every bit of Australian trivia—both fact and fiction—to be found in the episode.

If you happen to have the episode on DVD, put it on while you listen to the podcast! If not, just listen along—we describe most of what we’re seeing as we go.

Special thanks to The Simpsons Archive, and James A. Cherry, whose episode summary was instrumental in compiling our list of minutiae.

For the full story on the fall of Skylab, see The Day the Sky(lab) Fell (Wired News).

LOB007: Maps, Bread & Milk

It’s another huge episode folks, heck it’s almost as big as this big brown land we call home.
In this episode:

  • Kev get excited about Google Maps, mapping Australia
  • John tells you all you need to know to survive in the desert
  • Talk’n ‘Stralian: John teaches Kev how to buy bread and milk with an Aussie accent.

LOB006: Toast & Vegemite

Vegemite JarVegemite. The iconic Australian salty spread. Listen in as Kev tries it for the first time.

In this episode:

  • the sordid history of Vegemite
  • John sings the jingle under protest
  • the (after)taste test


Photo credit: Stuart Hamilton.


April 25th is ANZAC day in Australia, so Kev thought that he’d tell John all about this important Australian holiday.

  • Background and histroy
  • Funny observations
  • Learn to play “Two Up” (and play along!)

So listen in and “come in spinner!”

LOB004: William’s Diesel Bra

Welcome to episode four. This week John and Kevin have got even more amazing stories from Down Under.

  • Kevin goes Bra Shopping
  • John gets High on Diesel
  • Dinkum Aussie History: William Buckley

Where do they get them all from?

Duration: 30:58

LOB003: Footy & Moonlite

It’s episode three, this week with 90% fewer Australian accent attempts by Kev. My ego can only take so much bashing, people! To make up for it, we have the triumphant return of Dinkum Aussie History.

  • All about AFL/Aussie Rules/Footy
  • Dinkum Aussie History: Captain Moonlite

Duration: 29:39

LOB002: Possums & Noodles

It’s our second show so we’re offically no longer a one hit wonder. In this episode:

  • John talks of possums
  • Kev recounts eating bad noodles
  • Talk’n ‘Stralian: John teaches Kev to talk like they do on the ads.

Duration: 27:55

LOB001: Tickets & Vinegar

G’day — it’s our first episode!

  • Kev books a plane ticket like a drongo
  • John learns to shift a bogged van
  • Dinkum Aussie History: The Castle Hill (aka Vinegar Hill) Rebellion

Duration: 25:29