LOB028: Listener Feedback Special #2

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In another desperate bid for content, John and Kev dip their toes yet again into the tepid pool of your emails and comments.

In this episode, find out the answers to these burning questions:

  • Which foreign accents are considered sexy in Australia?
  • Were women allowed in the sheep shearing shed?
  • Is Uluru really the largest monolith in the world?
  • And what is Western Australia’s problem, anyway?

…and lots more!

9 Responses to “LOB028: Listener Feedback Special #2”

  • Ok guys! I’m laughing, but sorry, I’m a South Australian!. And for the record, I agree! Those Western Australians DO have chips on their shoulder 😉

  • Hey guys! Here’s an idea for you.

    Why not have a quick and dirty video segment in your show? My thinking is that many listeners would benefit from seeing a minute of Australia with your eyes. These days I’m trying to learn more about the country and downloading tons of documentaries, but all of them are about spiders, pandas and sharks with all that classical music in the background.

    What I would really appreciate is the city view as is in a way the in-/outsider sees it. You know, one minute of the “pipe”, one minute of the supermarket, one minute of a bus stop etc, all with natural sounds and occasional comments. It’s all limited by your imagination and made the right way, can be a pearl.

    I’m sure I will be doing the same for my fellow immigrants as I get there, because I understand the need behind it extremely well. It’s a distant world that is developing outside the common timescale. I would love it! 🙂

    Certainly, a simple digital cam would do and you even don’t need to talk if you aren’t happy with it. It’s that one picture is worth a million of words, and 1800 pictures are virtually priceless. Hope you like the idea!

    BTW, can’t find the donation box anywhere. Is it overflown and you guys are hiding it under the bed?

    — Aleks

  • hi guys!
    love your podcast!
    waiting for the next one!!!

  • Hey guys, no shows for a while – hope you’re going to bring out more episodes! Keep up the good work.

  • Come on!!!! Give us some more. Please !!

  • Hey you two,
    as an old Aussie that moved away from home and went to live in the old country,
    not mine but probably somebodies, I think your show is realy great.
    I think the idea from Aleksey is a great idea, making it might even be easier than making the audio cast, but apart from that if your hard up on ideas then as an audio cast how about just taking the Sunday and rubbish on some current affairs, I’d also be interested in the opinion of some white australian Immigrants on what’s happening in Australia. 😛
    Any way, get your finger out and do another show mate! 🙂


  • Hi!
    thanx for your podcats! 🙂
    waiting for the next!

  • Guys, I discovered your podcast like a month ago.

    And I started dowloading the episodes, they’re so entertaining , I would say the world top class!!!
    I love your shows, then the more concerned I became to have found out that your show ends cut blind, with no goodbye or a sign of that you would expect it end.
    just in the middle of the season with greatest episodes…

    Can any one say, that there is a continuation under another podcast elsewhere? Are you safe and alive, or what lost? outback?

    Marcin (hoping that’s everything’s OK)

  • Hey! This is coming from Canada. Don’t you miss it Kevin!? My whole life I’ve wanted to move to Australia and I think I want to apply to go to University there is a couple years. Please make more podcasts! They have been really helpful and really interesting to hear about. I would love to hear more from you guys. Its been a while and I guess its safe to assume that you have stopped but I know a lot of people would love it if you guys came back. Please think about it. You guys are awesome.
    Lots of love, eh?

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