LOB020: Shear Aussie Art (Video)


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This is the video edition of LOB020: Shear Aussie Art.

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  • Gents,

    An amusing commentary on an Aussie icon. One of the most interesting trivial facts about the painting was that the “rouseabout” (the person who cleans up as shearing takes place) was a girl, not a boy, paid to pose, who probably only died a few years ago (still alive in the seventies/eighties).

    I spent the first 11 years of my life on a sheep / cattle station and was amused at your terminology 🙂 Sheep are definitely shorn, not shaved!!!

    Shearing was analysed by experts along with several other manual skills, and deemed to be the hardest of all. Very tough on backs and kidneys, with men often spent by about 45-50.

    An interesting era in Aussie history indeed – The shearers’ strike, together with the founding of the labor party in Barcaldine under the “Tree of Knowledge” recently poisoned to death.

    At around the same time the sinking of the “SS Rodney” a paddle steamer carrying scab labour up the Darling River.

    You really had me wondering about the significance of the painting, when it really is at one level, only a snapshot of a factory!

    It will remain a favourite, along with “Bail up”, and many other pieces by Tom Roberts’ fellow “Heidleberg School” artists such as Frederick McCubbin.

    Listened to this as my first taste of your podcasts, and will be sampling more!

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