LOB015: Beach, City, Town and Country

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In this episode, John and Kev discuss the four stereotypical types of Australian, the cars they drive and what they all have to do with Kath and Kim. Pictured here is a Holden Commodore Kingswood (the “Town” Australian’s vehicle of choice) decked out in “Country” corrugated iron—what a clash of subcultures!

Jeff Thomson's HQ Holden station wagon
Photo by Gary A. K.

Also in this episode, Kev recounts the experience his girlfriend had when she set out to cash in on a special offer at her local gym.

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  • G’day guys!

    That picture is of a Holden Kingswood. The Holden family car released before the Commodore ..

    The Kingswood is a hugely famous car in Australian folklore.. Try googling an old 70’s/80’s show called “Kingswood Country”.

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