LOB022: Christmas Special

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Kev & John are confused.  It’s Christmas time and you’d think they’d be merry.  But no, it’s the weather you see.  Kev & John are used to Christmas with snow, but down under in Aus they’ve sunshine instead.  Join them in the Christmas special of the Lost Out Back podcast as they try to work out if you can still have Christmas in the middle of summer.

4 Responses to “LOB022: Christmas Special”

  • Munir (from South America)

    Hey you guys !!

    Who says we cant get our Christmas Night without snow. You should try down here. . . It gets wild. . . no matter what kind of weather is it.
    By the way , I just discovered your podcasting last night and I really like what you are doing. Keep going !!! As I am planning to move to Adelaide next year with my wife, we are eager to hear more from you about the Aussi Culture so PLEASE give us more !!!

    From Buenos Aires, all the best


  • Well I’m looking forward to seeing who had the better Christmas, either the traditional European one or the Aussie “Chrissie on the beach” one.

    Anyway Kev, don’t feel blue about not having a white Christmas. None of us in Canada had one either… it’s been eerily warm. I think it was 5 on Christmas Day, not a snowflake to be seen…

  • Heh Kev,
    You forgot that Christmas that our family had Christmas on the Beach at Newcastle. We had a picnic dinner, but it was so blasted windy that we ate it and went back home!! Guess it was rather forgetable after all 😉

  • Hey guys, don’t complain. It’s great having Christmas celebrations in the sun. Here on Anglesey, North Wales we have to endure cold and icy winds, though today, as I write this, it is really warm and sunny:)
    Good moment to go down to the beach and walk along the lovely coast.

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